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48 hours in San Francisco

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Visiting San Francisco soon? Overwhelmed with ALL the things you can do in this big city?? Not to fear! I was you this past weekend and decided to create a San Fran Travel guide for this very reason! I fell in love with this city the moment I crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was only then that I realized how challenging it was going to be to see and do everything San Francisco with a little under 48 hours. Heres a list of what I consider a MUST while visiting here!

3 Quick tips BEFORE you go:

  1. Parking be pretty expensive. Lyft, UBER or BIRD around if possible!

  2. Bring a light jacket, the weather is unpredictable and it can get pretty windy at any given point during the day!

  3. If you ARE driving be aware of the toll prices! For all bridges in San Francisco, click the corresponding links below for a quick look at pricing info. All bridges :

Golden Gate Bridge

Little did I know there are in fact 7 bridges in this beautiful city! The most popular being the Golden Gate Bridge with hundreds of thousands visitors each year. I know you're probably wondering why is it called the Golden Gate Bridge when it's not golden? Well, I recently found out it's because the body of water it's connecting is called the "Golden Gate Strait". I also learned it's not "red". The true color of the bridge is in fact "international orange". Hopefully it is not super foggy and gloomy when you visit but if you do be on the lookout for a siren. It's the bridge's unique ring tone, created by four fog horns using 80 pounds of air pressure to blast 165 decibels of sound. With a range of up to six miles, it's activated when it's too foggy for ships' crews to see the bridge.

Per 39 Fisherman's Wharf

Ready to taste the best clam chowder you've ever had?? It's served with fresh, clams in a warm sourdough bread bowl and is de-lish!! Fisherman's Wharf is an historic waterfront district of San Francisco! It's home to: Ghirardeli Square, Anchorage Square, the National Maritime Museum, Historic Hyde Street Pier and the infamous Pier 39. AKA Tourist Town capitol. They have events ALL year round so if you're planning to visit soon click here for all monthly and annual events! There's also tons to do from cruises to wine tastings. Click here for more things to do!

Take a picture in Chinatown at Dragon Gate

This gate is located a few blocks from Union Square and is one of the most popular photograph spots in Chinatown gifted from Taiwan. The sign hanging directly below the center translates to "All under heaven is for the good of the people". San Francisco's Chinatown is one of the oldest and largest Chinatown's outside of Asia! If you have more than 48 hours you should click here for things to do in while visiting this culture rich town!

Take a picture in front of the Painted Ladies

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go--I'm sure you know the rest

One of the most photographed locations in San Francisco, Alamo Square's famous "postcard row" at Hayes and Steiner Streets is indeed a visual treat. A tight, escalating formation of Victorian houses is back-dropped by downtown skyscrapers, providing a stunning contrast. The grassy square itself is an ideal midday break. One of 11 historic districts designated by the Department of City Planning, the area includes several bed and breakfast inns.

Ride down Lombard Street

If you get motion sickness easily this may not be the best idea but it is definitely worth seeing at least! My Lyft driver insisted on driving me down this curvy, steep landmark and it was actually pretty fun lol! San Francisco has some of the steepest streets in the country with Lombard street being the most crooked!! It also houses some of the most expensive house in San Francisco. There are several landmark homes you can walk to in the area such as: The Real World house (located between Jones and Leavenworth, right before the curvy part of the hill) and the apartment from the movie Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

The Mission District-Rainbow House

Location: 24th & San Jose

The Mission District is a virtual outdoor art gallery full of vibrant murals. Throughout the neighborhood, hundreds of walls and fences are adorned with colorful works of art featuring themes ranging from cultural heritage to social political statements. Best viewed on foot, take a stroll over to these locations for an up-close experience and enjoy its nearby restaurants and attractions. 

16th Avenue Tiled Steps

Location: 16th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122

Let me tell you guys that it took me almost 30 minutes to locate this hidden gem and I was right next to it all along! As for directions, all I can really say is to copy & paste the address posted in this title and to go watch my San Francisco Vlog to see exactly where the entrance to these stairs are because they can only be seen from the bottom.

Union Square

Location: 333 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108

This square is a staple of the city and a MUST SEE! Home to the famous Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco and a plethora of stores for shopping such as: Neiman Marcus, Macy's Apple, Bloomingdales, Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue to name a few. I visited around Christmas time hence the beautiful Christmas Tree right in the center of the square behind me in this picture.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Location: 1042 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA