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Times flies

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

 I can remember Day 1 in the ICU as a new grad nurse like it was yesterday. Scanning my new ID badge and watching those double doors to the unit open instantly submerging me into critical care sensory overload. From hearing ventilators alarm to CRRT machines alarming.. it was music to my ears! I observed the flow of the unit starting with AM critical care rounds. Critical care rounds involve different medical personnel from the critical care team who review each patient individually and discuss their prognosis and goals of care. Thinking back to that day, I can say it has truly been a journey and VERY overwhelming at times but

with patience, perseverance and dedication, you can get through it!

Now, let's fast forward 3 years later! I initially started on night shift, as most new grad nurses do, and had every intention of going straight to day shift. I somehow ended up working as a night shift nurse for 2.5 years!! I have since transitioned to day shift but I still consider myself a "night shift" nurse at heart (haha)! It is nice to have a normal life outside of work which is ultimately why I made the switch to day shift. I also have started precepting and joined a few quality/council teams on my home unit. All in all, I am happy with my progression and am ready for new challenges and adventures! For you new nurses who have made it over, what I call, "the struggle hump".. CONGRATS!

Time to spread your new nurse wings and fly as novice nurse!!
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