10 KEY things to pack on your Ski Trip!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Thinking of taking a ski/snowboard trip soon with absolutely NO clue what to pack?? Yes, I too, was like you on my first ski/snowboard trip and I am here to tell you everything I wish someone told me BEFORE taking my first trip. A lot of people don't realize the importance of packing essential gear when traveling to a destination where snow or abnormally cold temperatures are involved. It can be the difference between an epic trip and an epic FAIL! I remember my first ski trip and how UNPREPARED I was from not wearing enough layers to almost freezing during my first dog sledding experience! I have since learned from my mistakes can properly prepare you with a list of essential gear to pack, whether it's your 100th or 1st snow-filled trip, you should at least have these 10 items in your suitcase!

Quick tip #1: Ski/snowboarding equipment is very expensive! So if this is not a hobby you plan on adopting or doing on a regular, I strongly recommend renting skis, snowboards, and other accessory equipment that comes with them.

1. Base Layers

Base layers are the foundation to staying warm in extremely cold conditions. Some stores sell different levels of base layers ranging from 1 (least warm) to 3 (most warm). Without a base layers you won't be able to successfully insulate your middle (contains fleece) and top layer (ski jacket). This item is #1 for a reason!

2. Ski Jacket + Fleece

When buying a ski jacket there are two main components you want to be sure you keep an eye out for. The first thing is the waterproof ratings. Your ski jacket should have a waterproof rating of at least 10,000mm to ensure you don’t experience a soaked jacket at the end of a big day on the slopes. It’s also nice to have vent zippers and an elastic waistband to prevent snow from pushing up through the bottom. The ski jacket is the top layer of your ski outfit and is usually accompanied with a middle fleece jacket layer in case you need to peel off which basically means remove layers.

3. Ski bib/pants

For this item you can choose between a ski bib or board pants. I personally prefer the ski bib because with the board pants, snow can slosh up into the bottom of your coat sometimes and get ice down your pants. These items both requre a waterproof minimum rating of 10,000 as well.

4. Ski Boots

This probably comes as no surprise but yes you need some ski boots! If you wear regular sneakers, Ugg’s or any other type of shoe that does not cover your ankles and is not waterproof, you will be highly upset and really cold!

5. Hat/Gloves

Now I'm not talking just ANY type of gloves. They need to be insulated and waterproof with an inner layer. The hat isn’t really too complicated just pick one you like that covers your head completely! You can also purchase a set of ear muffs or ear warmers in case you get too hot and need to peel off a layer or two. really the key factor here is for the gloves to be waterproof!

6. Goggles

I think item is the most fun to shop for! Mainly because of all the different colors and styles on the market. To my surprise, most people are misinformed on the importance of wearing ski goggles. No, it isn’t to just look cool lol although they do look pretty cool. The real reason is protect your eyes from the blinding white snow! Yes snow can blind you if you spend excessive amounts of time in it without protective eyewear. Now of course not every trip you take will be the same, with the same amounts of snow etc. Because of this there are different degrees of tinting that goggles come in. Ex: if you are skiing at night you need clear low tint goggles, if you are skiiing at a manmade resort where every inch of land isn’t covered in snow and it is not super bright, it’s probably ok to purchase a low tint goggle. Whereas if you are skiing in a blizzardy terrain where white is covering everything with bright sunshine—high tint goggles are necessary.

7. Sunscreen lip/face balm

This is another essentiel item that is often overlooked due to misconceptions. Just like anywhere else, you need protection from the sun! Yes, even if you’re freezing cold! The cold won’t stop those UV rays from burning your skin despite how cold it may feel. Slap on that sunscreen!

8. Hydration pack

Stay hydrated friends!! Playing in the snow can be exhausting and skiing/snowboarding can be even more exhausting! Staying equipped with a hydration resevoir is one of the most important items you can have. It isn’t exactly easy to run inside and take a sip of water when you’re at the slopes lol! There are usually lines, you have to undress to get money to pay AFTER walking all the way to the cafe or water station with all of your gear.....trust me—just buy a reservoir!

9. Portable Charger

This item is pretty straight foward! Lol there aren’t many places to plug in your phone while snowing lol so it’s only smart to bring your portable charger with you. I recommend nothing less than 1000mah as far as power goes If you’re in seriously cold conditions, it is common for your phone to cut off from how cold it gets. More on how to avoid this in item #10!

10. Hand Warmers

These little guys are lifesavers!! First off, they saved my iPhone when it cut off from the two secs I used it to try and locate friends. One warmer in the pocket with my phone did the trick and it was back on in 5mins! I will never forget my first dog sledding experience because my hands and feet nearly froze off. Luckily, a stranger offered me their extra pair of handwarmers and I will never forget to pack them on any of my future ski trips!

Pro Packing Tips:

The following tips helped me save space in my suitcase:

  • Pack your goggles and gloves in your boots.

  • Wear your ski jacket to the airport if weather from wear your traveling from permits to save suitcase space.

  • Place ski bib or ski pants at the bottom of the suitcase with boots.

All items can be purchased individually from each hyperlink above! Hope you guys have a safe, WARM trip!!

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